Thursday, September 22, 2011

 (This is a post from my garden blog, and I wanted to share it here.  Red peppers are in abundance right now, so if you find some on sale or in quantity at the farmer's market... try roasting them!!)

Looking at these beautiful red peppers.... I feel like a proud mama!  These have been a huge success.  With the weather staying consistently warm, these red peppers are coming into their own.  If you have the room, make a note to yourself to plant red bell peppers next spring.  When you slice into a fresh from the garden pepper, it makes a "crack" sound unlike anything you'll ever get from a grocery store pepper.... and the smell..... yummy!

I'm grilling these and freezing for 'fire roasted red peppers' all year long.

*** Grill or roast in a hot oven.  Then put into a paper bag and close tightly for 20 minutes.  Remove the skins and seeds.  Lay flat on cookie sheet to freeze.  Place in zip seal bag once frozen and don't forget to label the bag.  Another option:  instead of freezing, put into a jar with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and keep in the frig... eat or use within a few weeks....YUMMY.

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